How we work...


How we work...

'I am' 

Modos-'The Way,'  uses a dance therapy approach to collectively explore who we are individually and universally with co-creators in every workshop experience. Using our bodies to connect to our soul power. We recognize that healing can come from with-in. We provide every co-creator the opportunity to deeply explore self, relationship, and connections to life. Modos means the way...Thus, we co-create spaces to reflect and express the way we desire to change the world around us through movement. 


'We are' 

MODOS will be led by it’s 3 Artistic Directors and its Collaboration and Management Lead: 2 of which grew up in the Englewood community and another in West Humbodlt Park of Chicago, so they have a strong desire to give back to the community that raised them. The curriculum for the dance company will be built upon 4 pillars of dance: Ballet, Latin-based, Liturgical and Hip-Hop dance with a keen focus on how each of these dance styles are shaped globally. MODOS will participate in dance shows and engagements , but moreover seek to provide healing through movement to the community through a therapeutic approach to dance.



We know that movement is a way we can heal and transform. We want to take the world on that journey with us. Historically, dance has been a form of resistance, a way to heal, and a way to mobilize change within minoritized communities around the world. We believe dance is an art form used to explore the power of healing through movement. We believe our workshops could be transformative experiences for our community. 

Thus, MODOS has chosen to operate in the Englewood community where access to the performance arts is very limited, and hopes to expand to other underserved communities in Chicago with the understanding that what MODOS desires to provide to the community was never a possibility for the founders; the world at their dancing feet. MODOS will provide a chance to connect beyond what the community sees in their neighborhood through affirmation that they too, belong to a world much larger than the one they know.